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KOZLUCA MAKINA has been established in March 2009 in order to produce checking fixtures for foreign automative companies and their supplier industries. Initially CAD datas and the meausements are received from our clients according to the project and then the design is done. After the production and the assembly process , 3D measurement is done and reported in our latest technology laboratory finally it’s delivered to our customers. We only work in the field of checking fixtures.


The design process is done in 2 workstations.Engineers in our design team have the capability to transfer their knowledge into a final designed apparetus according to the requests and needs of our clients. NX8.0((Unigraphics) and VISI-CAD 20 are mainly used by our design team.


Latest technology CNC , NC and universal machines are used in manufacturing process and those helps us to produce much more quickly , economically and more qualified compared to our competitors.
Our machine park is;
Primero KM-200 CNC Milling Machine(vertical) ( 2000x850x710 mm.)
Primero KM-150 CNC Milling Machine(vertical) ( 1500x630x620 mm.)
Primero KM-150 CNC Milling Machine(vertical) ( 1500x630x620 mm.)
Hectomark Milling Machine (1000x500x500 mm.)
Universal Center Lather (Cap :500 mm.)
Turallar Welding machine
Tiryaki Pillar Drill Machine
Kamsan Jigsaw Machine


Our assembly team involves 4 employees who works in order to make the design ready for 3D measurement on time. The measurement of the fixtures is done in our German made MORA 3D measuring machine.
The calibration of our 3D machine is made periodically in each two years by MORA company.The capacity of the machine is 5 x 2m x 1.8m.